Italian Restaurant

ve spoken to several longtime servers in the restaurant who just don’t know what they’re going to do if nothing changes in a few weeks. Many restaurants show a new take-out menu on their menus and describe how the system works. Some restaurants focus on takeaways, at least to pay a few salaries and provide ready meals to customers.
This shows that Valenti has not stopped considering such a move, even in the face of a $1.5 million budget gap over the next few years.
Many restaurant owners try to help their communities wherever they can, but there may be relatively few customers who accept such an offer. If they manage to survive this time, many are likely to return to institutions where they feel something more than others.
In this case, Chef Duilio Valenti freely admits that he has no idea whether it will work, but he would like to assure us that Valente & Co. is one of the cleanest food establishments in the world. In fact, we achieved a perfect 100 per cent at our last health inspection.
In addition, our dishwasher is a state-of-the-art, computer-monitored disinfection cycle that has been proven to fail, a great tool that fulfills many purposes and times. We also have a machine that mixes Quaternary disinfectant, and if you bring your own spray bottle, you can fill it for free. It’s very effective on hard surfaces, it doesn’t smell as bad as bleach, but it’s not as effective as hand sanitizer, so we don’t behave by hand – we use it.